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Back to work!!!!

So back to work after a two weeks break…….and I feel a little lost . Alex was off to school and gave me a kiss in the cheek…I’ll miss him….. he is still adjusting to school routines, today is his first school lunch  hope he likes it!  I hate going back to all crazy  fast motion rythms domestic routines and work realted issues! I try really  hard to re-adjust my self  getting back to library work  and College life and spirit, see all familiar faces and geer up for the new academic year. I read Facebook, check my work and personal e-mail and get on with jobs!

Lucky for me,  during my break I went out with some friends for coffee and chat ,went to the cinema , did shopping— that got me out of the house, and I had actual human interaction. It was a really strange month and break. Had to look after Alex and support him the first few days at school,  support Peter with his pain management course and do some important jobs at home such as decluttering, cleaning etc  it really never ends!.  W e had few nice family breaks visiting Bath for a day and Roccoco Gardens and have some decent weather and drinks in the pubs!

I should maintain the flame of my soul unquenchable in me …


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