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Half-term holidays….

Half-term holidays is an English thing too….. and sowater-park-4water-park-1water-park-13water-park-15 as parents we have to find ways to entertain our children, keep them busy and devote some of our time to do things together, interact and have some fun.  This term 032033schools were closed for two weeks!  So I was forced to take unpaid leave in order to be  with Alex and cover his needs.  Today we visited the Cotsowld Water Park . We had picnic  and finished off with a long walk around the lake.  It was really well worth the trip –  we had a fantastic time Alex loved climping  and collected autumn leaves. Also in the park is a good children’s play area &  tearooms too.  So I would definitely recommend it
I took lots of  great shots of Alex painting, sticking, playing …….Got home extremely tired but when we finished our adventures I have noticed that he was a very happy little boy. Coming to the end of my week with my boy Alex seems like the longest period of time I’ve been able to spend with him for ages, just hanging out. Its been good, we’ve chatted a lot, had some fun, watch cinema Ice Age 3, water park and picnic, library visit and craft activities and baking etc. but the best was just nattering and doing … he was definetely happy with mum around…


New museum for Pella archaeological site….its about time!

ContentSegment_12640055$W1000_H0_R0_P0_S1_V1$JpgThe archaeological site in Pella has finally opens its gates to the public covering an area of 6,000 square metres.  Situated in the northeast town of Pella, the museum represents the culmination of efforts by archaeologists and local residents stretching back 40 years. 

Born in Pella in 356 BC, Alexander conquered the Persian Empire and much of the world known before dying in Babylon in 323 BC.

The new museum houses 2.000 objects mosaics, weapons, jewelery and other artifacts from a 20-year excavation of the Pella archaeological site.  “The finds, mainly from temples, show how these people lived… we even found a curse which shows that the Macedonians spoke Doric, an ancient Greek dialect, from the 5th century BC,” the official said. “This is very important, also in political terms,”

This museum is a must-see if someone visits Greece.

Are you ready for vooks?


Once upon a time ……a library existed in a far away land with books on the shelves spider webs and dust and librarians that could never dream or imagine what new toys they have to play with.  And here comes the new digital versions of  books!   We realise that the meaning of  the book as we knew it the last 500 years it changes radically and soon will have vooks that offers text, video and web elements .  You can see them online via iPhone or iPod touch . Lots of editors believe that this hybrid of multimedia is essential so that they attract the modern readers that search always something different with intense technological character. 

I just wonder what will be the next book and whether printed books will become a thing of the past!

Beautiful, moving voice…

The legendary Argentine folk singer and activist  Mercedes Sosa  (also known as “La Negra” ) whose voice has brought  tears to many people passed away at age 74. An amazing voice, wonderful songs, and an important symbol of resistance against the Argentinean dictatorship. Here is a tribute to this brave, inspirational woman. Listen to her most famous song  “Gracias a la Vida”and reflect some of that power, warmth and beauty.

Open Shut them…

 My little boy has been singing this one to me, he learnt it from School. I never heard it before… He is  very cute when singing it!

Open, shut them.

Open, Shut them

Give a little clap.

Open, shut them

Put them in your lap.

Creep them, creep them

Slowly creep them

Right up to your chin

Open up your mouth

But do not let them in.


Perfect books about starting school!

Take a look at the list below and you’ll find books which  Alex has borrowed, read and loved before the start of the school year.


Harry and the Dinosaurs Go To School (Picture Book) Harry and the Dinosaurs Go…
Ian Whybrow
I Am Too Absolutely Small for School (Charlie and Lola) I Am Too Absolutely Small…
Lauren Child
Little Rabbit Goes to School (Picture Puffin) Little Rabbit Goes to…
Harry Horse
Silly School Silly School
Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick
How Do Dinosaurs Go To School? How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?
Jane Yolen

Reviews of these books you can find on the Write Away website.

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