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New museum for Pella archaeological site….its about time!

ContentSegment_12640055$W1000_H0_R0_P0_S1_V1$JpgThe archaeological site in Pella has finally opens its gates to the public covering an area of 6,000 square metres.  Situated in the northeast town of Pella, the museum represents the culmination of efforts by archaeologists and local residents stretching back 40 years. 

Born in Pella in 356 BC, Alexander conquered the Persian Empire and much of the world known before dying in Babylon in 323 BC.

The new museum houses 2.000 objects mosaics, weapons, jewelery and other artifacts from a 20-year excavation of the Pella archaeological site.  “The finds, mainly from temples, show how these people lived… we even found a curse which shows that the Macedonians spoke Doric, an ancient Greek dialect, from the 5th century BC,” the official said. “This is very important, also in political terms,”

This museum is a must-see if someone visits Greece.


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