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Half-term holidays….

Half-term holidays is an English thing too….. and sowater-park-4water-park-1water-park-13water-park-15 as parents we have to find ways to entertain our children, keep them busy and devote some of our time to do things together, interact and have some fun.  This term 032033schools were closed for two weeks!  So I was forced to take unpaid leave in order to be  with Alex and cover his needs.  Today we visited the Cotsowld Water Park . We had picnic  and finished off with a long walk around the lake.  It was really well worth the trip –  we had a fantastic time Alex loved climping  and collected autumn leaves. Also in the park is a good children’s play area &  tearooms too.  So I would definitely recommend it
I took lots of  great shots of Alex painting, sticking, playing …….Got home extremely tired but when we finished our adventures I have noticed that he was a very happy little boy. Coming to the end of my week with my boy Alex seems like the longest period of time I’ve been able to spend with him for ages, just hanging out. Its been good, we’ve chatted a lot, had some fun, watch cinema Ice Age 3, water park and picnic, library visit and craft activities and baking etc. but the best was just nattering and doing … he was definetely happy with mum around…


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