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Archive for the month “November, 2009”

My local radio interview…

This past Saturday I was invited to the Corinium Radio  Station 87.7 FM to do a radio interview on the radio show “Travellers Tales” and I was asked to speak about Kastoria my  birth town in Greece, why I moved to England and play some music with traditional songs.. The two hosts, Lynda Dyson and Jon Pugh have been doing this for quite some time and put on an excellent show. I was really impressed with the prep work and I gathered up enough courage to do it live and thought we all did a great job! It was a fun show and I’d love to do it again. When is available online I will add the link …..


Felt making workshop!

Last Saturday I attended a felt making workshop and I had a really good time!  I really enjoyed the workshop as I now know how to create a felt piece with sheep’s wool. I also created a felt piece and learnt a lot about creating complex felt bags and ended up making a funky felt handbag.  Look at this fabulous felt handbag I have made! 



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