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Cleopatra’s mausoleum!

An interesting piece of information was the announcement by Harry Tzalas, head of the Greek archaeological mission, of the disocvery of a piece of a giant granite threshold.According to to  Harry Tzalas the discovery of the threshold sheds new light on an element of the couple’s dying hours which has long eluded historians.

The Guardian  (UK) newspaper had an interesting article about this signinficant discovery:

They were one of the world’s most famous couples, who lived lives of power and glory – but who spent their last hours in despair and confusion. Now, more than 2,000 years since Antony and Cleopatra walked the earth, historians believe they may finally have solved the riddle of their last hours together.

A team of Greek marine archaeologists who have spent years conducting underwater excavations off the coast of Alexandria in Egypt have unearthed a giant granite threshold to a door that they believe was once the entrance to a magnificent mausoleum that Cleopatra VII, queen of the Egyptians, had built for herself shortly before her death.

They believe the 15-tonne antiquity would have held a seven metre-high door so heavy that it would have prevented the queen from consoling her Roman lover before he died, reputedly in 30BC…

The archaeologists have also recovered a nine-tonne granite block which they believe formed part of a portico belonging to the adjoining temple of Isis Lochias. “We believe it was part of the complex surrounding Cleopatra’s palace,” said Zahi Hawas,

 “This is an important part of Alexandria’s history and brings us closer to knowing more about the ancient city.”


Please read the rest in the following blog here.


Snow fun!!

Today I am off work Alex of school and it is snowing really hard!  Unfortunately when it snows in the UK the whole country comes to a stop trains, buses, and airports stop running, roads and schools close so basically we just shut down and play in the snow :).

So we have been  having fun like build a nowman play snowfalls, it is lovely to be out playing in it, but have come in now for a warm  drink and a decent chocolate! Cant feel my feet!

I am always quite excited about a bit of snow – there is still a childhood pleasure in stomping about in it and throwing the odd snowball but i hate the aftermath the freezing temperatures the cold etc.

Seaside Christmas!!


This Christmas was quite different we spent with Peter’s family in a beautiful seaside town (you must think we were insane) in a very luxurious Georgian house 15 people  altogether and we did very well! Not quite a white Christmas but it was really cold with beautiful clear skies.

Christmas is a time of Love and embracing it, a time to spent time with family and appreciate each others company!  On the Chirstmas day we went for a  good walk to the seaside anf a nikce Christams dinner with lots of food and drinks. The second day we fancied doing something different and more adventurous and enjoyed a a nice tour at Portsmouth docks and we visit the HMS Warrior 1860 an iron-hulled ship very impressive and watching the sea and the horizon  – it was such a simple pleasure to walk along this big ship Alex pretend to be  pirate – it was the first time I saw the seaside on a winter day –  Surprisingly it didn’t look less cheerful and vivid than the rest of the year however pleasantly peaceful! And I liked that.


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