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Seaside Christmas!!


This Christmas was quite different we spent with Peter’s family in a beautiful seaside town (you must think we were insane) in a very luxurious Georgian house 15 people  altogether and we did very well! Not quite a white Christmas but it was really cold with beautiful clear skies.

Christmas is a time of Love and embracing it, a time to spent time with family and appreciate each others company!  On the Chirstmas day we went for a  good walk to the seaside anf a nikce Christams dinner with lots of food and drinks. The second day we fancied doing something different and more adventurous and enjoyed a a nice tour at Portsmouth docks and we visit the HMS Warrior 1860 an iron-hulled ship very impressive and watching the sea and the horizon  – it was such a simple pleasure to walk along this big ship Alex pretend to be  pirate – it was the first time I saw the seaside on a winter day –  Surprisingly it didn’t look less cheerful and vivid than the rest of the year however pleasantly peaceful! And I liked that.


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