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BBC Good Food Show!!!

On Sunday 20/6 we visited  the NEC BBC Good Food Show 2010, in Birmingham.  We had a fabulous day displays and gardens were  wonderful.  We even saw the Masterhchef celebrities  Gregg Wallace and John Torrode,   and watch a live show with them . Alex was very excited to see the presenters!

I have very  little knowledge on gardens and I never been before in a garden show before but I love my garden and flowers and the experience was really joyful  and I think I was lucky to  come and look around.   I was impressed at the NEC at how easy it was to see the food stalls from different regions including olives from Spain, and Greece.  The creative gardens were  very astonishing and the themes very interesting  and full of inspiration such as the World Cup garden, Simplicity, Alice in the Biodiversity Land, Incredible India …etc.


It was  a great family day out and a special treat for my mother- in-law who loves gardening.  But we were dissapointed with the lack of finding somewhere to sit and eat .  I definetely will visit again in  the future.


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