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Moving toys and Automata!

I  have always liked looking at automata, seeing how they actually move with all the gearing it’s pretty cool.   New Brewery Arts, Cirencester organised  The Mechanical World of Robert Race exhibition  from 2nd July – 31st August’2010.   An exciting  and interactive automata experience for adults and children.

Robert Race the famous toymaker uses mainly driftwood and recycled materials to create fantastic moving toys and stories. The display was fascinating and you could have a go yourself  with the Seaside Machine, the Star machine all the humorous characters with wobbly eyes, birds on the begs,  movable birds!

Certainly, Robert’s Race exhibition will bring a smile to your face!



Willow weaving!!!

I always wanted to try my hand at willow weaving!   

My father in Greece use to make willow baskets which we used for storing fruit and veggies. I remember I was watching him cutting,  preparing and making big and small colourful baskets.   So my wish came true and I attended a willow weaving workshop at Cirencester College (Castle) with Norra Kennedy a very skilful and patient willow worker.   As it was my first workshop I learn to make beautiful garden sculptures such as Willow wighams, heart, sphere, magic wands,fans.   My day was really very enjoyable mostly  because we work outdoors  creative, inspirational, tiring but was well worth it!



So by the end the day, believe it or not I have made my own  seven willow creations and I was very proud with my fantastic sculptures.    Nothing stops me now and I am thinking to do another workshop for making baskets.

Here you can see the results of my hard work!

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