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Nature School…for nature lovers!

Your very own nature adventures in a book! Mick Manning and Brita Granström show you how easy it is to become a nature explorer! Nature School takes you on an exciting adventure to discover the secrets of nature, learn how to find and preserve wildlife and make you feel closer to the world around you.

Review: An excellent introduction to nature for young children.

In this book Mick Manning and Brita Granström invite children to become nature explorers, and find out about the natural world by undertaking some simple but interesting activities. The authors/illustrators use lively and colourful illustrations to complement the text, the tone of which is very readable and child friendly. The information is accessible and the practical suggestions are well within the range of most children under adult supervision. Additional ‘nature tips’ mean that the book packs in a lot of information in a very easily digested format. Ideas for practical activities and exciting projects include making a bird box, making a pond in a jar, creating a mini beast motel, and keeping a nature journal. Readers of this book will certainly be better informed by the end of it, and the activities – if undertaken – will help children to develop a closer relationship with nature.

This is a valuable teaching and learning resource for teachers, as well as a fun read for children that encourages them to try some of the exciting projects detailed within.


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