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Libraries everywhere facing closures…

Yesterday 5 February was a National Library Action Day in Britain – Britons protested against 450 planned library closures due to budget cuts. Many children’s libraries threatened with closures in Greece too! I can see similar imminent closure happening there but how much people fight to keep libraries at the heart of their communities or have we seen such protest in Greece? How many Greek people know that does exist library in their city/municipality/village? How many they visited it? The reality is that Greek people they don’t have the culture of library/reading as the Britons. This is a conclusion I came up with by living in both countries. Who is to blaim for but this is the situation of libraries in my beloved Country.
I would like to see Ministry of Education in Greece or any other governmental body and across the globe to take it seriously and commit a percentage from their budget for the growth of children’s libraries and continuation, and focusing more on sustaining because they seem to forget that not everyone has a computers, books etc to read from and that libraries do not only mean books but also mean life for learning…So it is better to leave the one free and good thing alone for all of citizens and future generations.
I believe strongly that libraries is where anyone can go and find a piece of peace for themselves on a quiet moment. The library is a place where we parents take our children and get books and be with our children, sharing a moment which is important to both of them, when they begin to learn how to read and share with each other. It is a place where a child can proceed with it’s growing up in an independent manner by researching any topic for personal interest or school project…..

And so please save our libraries!


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