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Pavlidi’s Chocolate Museum!!

I am writing this post because of a recent event which took place in Athens and attracted lots of visitors.
I am not a chocoholic but I worship chocolate like all of us! I only eat ION–almond chocolate because of  its unique taste and smell (forgive me Pavlidis)!
I do miss my Greek chocolate here in England but I make sure wherever visit home to bring with me some or buy it via the internet.

The older and favourite Greek chocolate brand Pavlidis (with blue packaging and if you Greek you know it!) celebrated the 150 years anniversary and opened the doors to its Chocolate Museum! (I wish I was there too). In the Museum, visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the history of the most famous Chocolate since 1861 obtain an insight on how chocolate is made and saw the exhibits and paintings created by students of College Vakalo Art & Design inspired by chocolate.
Moreover, children had the opportunity to play and be occupied creatively in activities specifically drawn from the Greek Children’s Museum and had a chance to enjoy chocolate fountains and delicacies!

I hope I will not miss the opportunity to visit the Pavlidis Chocolate Museum for a delicious, nostalgic ‘sweet’ experience!


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