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New Acropolis Museum!

In my recent visit to Athens I had the chance to pay my respects to the New Museum of Acropolis. I was impressed by lot of things. First from all I liked the architecture of the building the simplicity, the modern design and the spectacular view at the Acropolis. Then I liked walking on transparent
glass floor where I saw the open-air dig and the whole excavation under it. I was lucky to join a group in a tour and hear all about it!

The museum holds the friezes from the Parthenon and it shows the placement of them on the Parthenon. The first floor features exhibits from the Archaic to the Roman era, offerings for a wedding ceremony, while the second features sculptures from the old Acropolis Museum, from the pediments of temple with a lot of depictions (the lions that kill a bull, Iraklis fight with
Tritona and Nirea, with the three forms (in a snake body).  Afterwards, I wandered in the room that is called “Garden with the statues” in which exists scattered statues kouroi and also girls from various time periods. In the same room I saw the war of giants in which distinguishes the view Athena attacking against the giant Egkelados. Then I saw the Caryatids. Each one is a separate,
unique and beautiful statue. And each one has her own way of attitude and her particular style and characteristics.

Finally the last floor, it is the representation of temple in real dimensions which is placed exactly parallel to the Parthenon itself. The most important exhibits of the museum, the Parthenon sculptures (ζωοφορος), the metopes and the parts of the frieze that survive are on display there. This room is precisely as the Parthenon, after it follows the proportions and the orientation of initial temple. You can look at them, then turn around and look at the Parthenon itself, and imagine them in their original context. It is really impressive. You can look at them, then turn around and look at the Parthenon itself, and imagine them in their original context.

Unfortunately however a lot of sculptures were absent but it is expected that one day the missing parts will be returned to their natural home from the British Museum. There is a short documentary that demonstrates the construction of the museum and the moving into place the vast and heavy friezes from the Parthenon.

The museum is very impressive externally and internally and hopefully one day I will be able to visit again with my son and husband in the near future.


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