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On 27th February we paid a visit to Colesbourne Park one of the greatest snowdrop gardens in UK

It is an enchanting and magical place and the display of snowdrops was wonderful.  Apparently they are around  250 different varieties which I didn’t know that exist. The latin name is Galanthus nivaliswhich means “milk flower” and it is one of the first flowers to bloom after the cold winter.   Always the sight of snowdrops marks the start of spring.  In addition to snowdrops we saw  many more impressive spring flowers

such as aconites, cyclamen, iris, miniature daffodils,  hellebores .

Fortunately the weather was glorious and we had a lovely time wandering around in the sun and finished the day with a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

The Blue Lake at Colesbourne is incredibly beautiful. They believe the colour is caused by colloidal clay in the water.

If you need  some colour amongst all the grey days visit Colesbourne Park to see  the little white flowers, the snowdrops.

It’s better hurry up because Spring is just around the corner!!


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