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Gower impressions!!

Over the Easter holiday period we had a trip to Gower Peninsula.  It is so close from Cirencester just across the Bristol Chanel. We stayed in Swansea city in the newly developed waterfront.

Swansea is a big and busy city and it has a mixture of old and modern buildings. The Swansea bay is vast and and the sandy beach streches into Mumbles. We walked around the town saw the Dylan Thomas theatre, visit the Swansea Museum where we learned how copper was produced and saw lots of historical artifacts and interesting displays. We also visited the permanent local market which was full of seafood displays and local produce.

I was so impressed with Gower Peninsula.

 It is such a remarkable and unspoiled place and the coastal scenery is so unique and spectacular. It is also Britain’s first designated  Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Pennard Castle

Pennard Castle was built in the 12th Century and the impressive ruins were a revelation to us. We walked across the Parkmill Village, the small creek and the sand dunes then we walked a bit further and reached the golden sandy beach at Three Cliffs Bay with awesome views. The gorgeous Three Cliffs bay is truly a stunning place and it has a large natural arch made from limestone and three prominent peaks: hence the bay’s name.

Another Swansea castle with panoramic sea views was the Oxwich castle. Oxwich is located in a woodland area and was built as a manor house in the 16th Century during the Tudor dynasty.

Rhossili Beach

Rhossili is very picturesque village and has incredible and panoramic views down to the beach. We had Worm’s head ale in the nearby pub.

We accessed Rhossili Bay through the village but the walk down to the beach  wasn’t as easy and the way back up rather difficult after a relaxing day on the sandy beach.

Down the beach we saw the remains of the Helvetia wreck (1887) who swept into Rhossili bay after strong winds.

Worm’s Head

Worm’s Head is a tidal island connected by a causeway and its shape reminds you of a serpent.

The final day of out trip we drove to the town of Neath to see the Aberdulais tin works and waterfalls and finish with a lovely walk by the Neath Canal.

Aberdulais was popular with tin works from the 19th century and we saw a water wheel driving a turbine and how well used and control water energy.  Alex enjoyed the little film about the tinplate works and also learnt  that there were a lot of children working there instead of going to school.

Gower is as good place to visit and it makes you feel entirely happy and excited…and it is without doubt a happy place!


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