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Visit to Highgrove garden!


As a garden lover….. I had the chance to visit Highgrove garden today, Prince’s Charles residence in the Cotswolds…Highgrove in my eyes is a delightful place….loved the wildflower meadows….the walled garden …..the Carpet garden which was a new addition and inspired by an Islamic theme with ceramic tiles ,roses, olive and orange trees….I could walk forever in this garden!!!

The whole experience was breathtaking, with stunning and lush landscape from woodland gardens to wild flower meadows. Very tranquil place and calming atmosphere –full of colours, scents, and sounds! Every area I saw every corner or enclosure has something to tell a little story and offer visitors a visual pleasure and a calming atmosphere.

Highgrove is an organic self -sufficient  vegetable and fruit garden and there is a clear evidence that Prince Charles practices what he preaches.

There is no doubt that Highgrove is simply an amazing place and garden and has a relaxed feel and it’s definitely worth a visit.

I quote the Prince’s Charles words:

A garden should delight the eye, warm the heart and feed the soul!


Lino Block cutting & Design Development workshop


Lino Block cutting & Design Development workshop 26/3/12 New Brewery Arts, Cirencester

Lino printing is quite simple and fun…I always wanted to give it a try so I took part in a day class with Sophia Blackwell, an amazing textile designer and printer where learned the basics of block printing.

Our tutor first introduced us to the materials fabric, inks, equipment, technique ……and most important safety rules because when you cut the lino with sharp tools (lino blades) it can be dangerous! Then asked us to draw a simple design or few designs and cut our own lino block(s) and print up in the end a final piece like a tea towel, a handkerchief or a bag all handmade by us!

I come up with three lino blocks: a boat, a geometric pattern and a flower with sun

I experimented with different colours and materials on fabric and paper to see how the colours would blend  together and I was pleased with the results…. My final piece was bag and a hanky for my husband – I love the finished product.

The good thing about it  is that I can use and re-use the lino blocks as often as I like…same designs….multiple times … different colours!!Awesome!!

All in all it was a lot of fun and full of inspiration day and I’m looking forward to trying more in the nearer future!

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