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Holidays …in Molyvos (Μολυβος)

Mythimna or Molyvos is one of the most picturesque well-preserved medieval villages in North Eastern Greece in the island of Lesbos.

The village is built in an amphitheatric layout with beautiful old tiled stone houses,  and on the rocky hill overlooking the majestic medieval castle.  Today is used as a venue of various cultural activities during the summer months.  Remarkable are the mansions dating from the late 18th century and equally interesting the shady cobbled streets, stone Ottoman fountains with excellent inscriptions, elements that blend harmoniously with the whole landscape.  Molyvos it has an atmospheric beauty that is difficult to put into words.

At the edge of town, the port is unique image of the place. It is a picturesque harbour, full of quaint little cafes and taverns overlooking the sea where you can enjoy your coffee or your food . There is a beautiful pebbled beach with colourful stones and a restored old mill in the area, now a hotel.

We have visited a good beach Eftalou that naturally attracts many people and is very popular for the hot springs …we have experienced a hot dip bath at 43 degrees Celsius!!!.. Skala Sykamnias  was another lush beach for swimming and the little harbour really beautiful.

More incredible beaches near  Molivos are Petra and Anaxos as well as the mountain villages around the grenn slopes of Mount Lepetymnos Vafios, Argenos, Skala , Stipsi, Ypsilometopo  are very idyllic.  Another highlight was Sigri  one of the most beutiful places of the island the museum of National History as well as the  Petrified forest Park  . The landscape in this site of the island  is quite different wilder, dry, rocky,  but with stunning blue waters .

We also saw  the ancient city of Pergamus travelling across Turkey through Ayvalik (Αιβαλι) by bus and a ferry. 

We toured some ruins of the Acropolis and ancient hellenistic temples and the old healing center the Asclepeion.
We had a  heck of a day!

Molyvos place seems so perfect, so flawless, like a  beautiful painting.


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