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The book a celebration

20121126-201818On Saturday 1/12/12 I saw the exhibition “The book a celebration” (runs from 17th Nov-8 Dec 2012) in Stroud Old Town Hall “.  The exhibition was organised by Dennis Gould Stroud’s poet and Letterpress Printer and specifically focused on the selection of 10 favourite books of 50 Stroud people.


There were talks and readings presented by leading authors and people involved in making books but also workshops on the processes and crafts involved in book-making.

The most interesting of the displays was the Penguin publications (lots of familiar titles), children’s books, poetry, art books as well as spectacular book bindings. What I loved about it was how interesting and fascinating the experience was.  It made me feel nostalgic and brought back nice cozy memories from my favourite books and memorable reads.  


I loved the exhibition and I’m so glad that I took the time to see it. You should too!!


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