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Mosaic experience…..


I really enjoyed the workshop “Mosaic panels” at Brewery Arts, yesterday (6/4/13)  See link:

Our teacher was very supportive and provides us with many useful tips and guidance on how to create mosaic art. I thought it was an excellent workshop, relaxing, therapeutic and at the same time very stimulating.

During the workshop it became apparent to me that it is not relatively easy to create a mosaic and its definitely takes a huge amount of time, patience and concentration.

However, I find that making mosaics can be fun, can be addictive and very inspiring and I feel it can release some of my creativity!

At the end of the workshop we all came away with a beautiful mosaic piece. I took my finished work home with me and my family were impressed with my finished piece – it looks great! Don’t you think?

I would certainly attend one again next year or taking it a step further and continue working at home on mosaic projects!




Appledore, North Devon…..


Last week we went  to Appledor  in North Devon coast and it was a beautiful spring break despite the chill in the air.

We stayed in the centre of Appledore in a quaint traditional cottage with views of the sea – wonderful!

Appledore is a picturesque tiny fishing village with cobbled narrow streets and fishermen’s cottages, pubs, shops and art galleries.  It has been a famous boat-building centre for many years and the shipyard is still active today.

One day we had a very long walk from Lynton Gorge to Watersmeet- it was quite spectacular scenery. Lush green valley alongside the river  with waterfalls and bridges. Very well worth the walk – it is just absolutely stunning!

Another day we went to see the Hartland Abbey a very nice house and gardens.  We finished the day with another super walk out to the coast. The scenery was wild , breathtaking and around the coast there were a lot of rock formations which were amazing to look at to say the least! It is well worth a trip in its own right.

I have to mention one of Alex’s highlights the Atlantis Adventure park!  He loved the grazy golf,  the maize but mostly liked the jumping pillows he bounced and jumped on until he can jump and bounce no more.

We had a go as well!

All in all, it was a good family break!  A lovely holiday with scenery just a bit different from home!

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Appledore, North Devon

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