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Legoland Windsor Resort


In March we planned a trip to Legoland ( for Alex’s 8th birthday but unfortunately we couldn’t go as he was unwell.  So after we wrote to Legoland and explained  the situation they gave us a refund and finally we took Alex there on 18/5/13 . So this trip was very special to him!

As we arrived at Legoland and saw the entrance and the Lego figures in the grounds, Alex’s face lit up!


The Legoland Windsor adventure theme park is huge and situated in a beautiful valley in the Berkshire countryside.


We were a bit overwhelmed at how much was there to do and see! But we managed to cover pretty much everything and we were happy doing what we decided to do.  Alex didn’t want to spent time in the areas for very young children and so that helped us to focus more on certain areas interested to him.

We had a go on the scary rides, and had lots of fun with the ‘Atlantis Submarine Voyage’, an underwater ride where we saw sharks, fish and Lego mermaids.  The Star Wars Miniland Experience was another superb attraction for us which featured characters from the movies, including Yoda, Anakin Skywalker and Princess Leia.











One more attraction was the Miniland (London’s landmarks in miniature) and other famous countries represented in Lego like Italy, Holland, France etc. Other amazing moments were the twisting Dragon rollercoaster and the Imagination Theatre in 4D!


We did have a lovely time and we said we will come back again!


Alex said the best trip ever!


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