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Witley Court & Gardens


Last Sunday on 27/10/13 we visited the English Heritage property, Witley Court in Worcestershire.  It is an 19th Century impressive mansion with a beautiful restored fountain based on the Greek myth of Perseus and  Andromeda.  The fountain comes on every hour for 10 minutes at a time and was great to watch the water spray from it.


The Pavilion still has its original floors, while the Victorian conservatory is now home to outdoor plants and wildlife.

Witley Court is a spectacular ruin after being devastated by fire in 1937. It is haunting and melancholy but still retains its beauty.  The baroque church is a hidden treasure.


We had a long walk through woods and around the lake and Alex enjoyed the spooky Halloween trail where he had to found 8 witches and solve the clues and earned a Halloween chocolate bar.


We certainly had a very well spent autumn day out.  Witley court is a spectacular country house and an interesting place indeed.




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One thought on “Witley Court & Gardens

  1. Wow, very nice! You always visit the most interesting places I’ve never heard of 😉

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