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Paul Hogarth – “Travels with the Artist”

I went and see Paul’s Hogarth exhibition at the Wet Paint Gallery in Cirencester.


There is a collection of lithographs and drawings where  you can see his passion for travelling, his adventurous spirit and creative mind.


He  visited  Greece and many other Mediterranean countries and from  each  country  he  has  returned  with  many  drawings,  some  of  which  he  has  elaborated  into  lithographs  and  more  finished  pictures.


Paul is best loved for his architectural studies and detailed observations of everyday folk going about their daily lives and his work became familiar to millions across the globe through his collaborations with celebrated writers including Doris Lessing, Brendan Behan, Graham Greene, Robert Graves and Lawrence Durrell.


His drawings and paintings represent an important and unique record of six decades of world history across five continents. In his work topography, illustration and reportage achieve the status of fine art, as reflected in his position as a Royal Academician.


Paul lived in Cirencester his last few years of his life .


Do  go and have a look!


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