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Eastnor Castle and Ledbury

I am fortunate enough to have seen few fascinating castles until I started living in UK.


Eastnor castle in Herefordshire is another one which we have explored and I have to put it on my “done” list. It is a mock castle, built between 1812-24 and remains the home of the Hervey-Bathurst family. The interior of the stately home has magnificent collections of armour, Italian furniture, Flemish tapestries, paintings, lots of old books, antiques and a chapel.


The setting of the castle is amazing surrounded by a lush arboretum, beautiful grounds and lake.


Eastnor castle organizes often exciting events and activities for all ages. So if you want to take a peek here is

My son had fun in the adventure playground , and all we loved the lakeside and woodland walk and our picnic.


On the way back we stopped in Ledbury, an attractive market town with narrow cobbled streets and lots of timber-framed buildings, quaint-looking little shops and pubs. We wandered around a bit and we went to see the amazing 16th century painted room in the Registry office. Remarkable fresco paintings were found under layers of plaster in 1989, which show Tudor knot gardens and fruit full of vibrant colours and contain also biblical texts and proverbs.



One of the texts says

“That in his heart regardeth not, malicious, wicked men: but those that love and fear the Lord”


I do love castles they look so mysterious and impressive….still to see more and enjoy.


An amazing trip to Lille (Rijsel) in France!

Every Easter we travell somewhere. This time we decided to visit Lille in north of France where my husband’s brother live. We reached Lille in just one hour from London on the Eurostar (my son and us were really excited), so it is really accessible for another getaway trip perhaps.


Lille (or Rijsel in Dutch) is a beautiful European city with a rich history. Lille is situated on the Deûle River, near France’s border with Belgium. It looks picturesque and the architecture is stunning. I know very little about France and I’m glad I came to visit Lille and learn a bit more about. My wish is to visit many more European cities like Copenhagen, Budapest, Brussels, Croatia and many others.


We visited also one of the best places in Lille the Citadel.


The Citadel is a huge park built in the shape of a pentagon and it’s surrounded by a moat. The weather was lovely we had a very relaxing spring walk and we absolutely loved the area around the Citadelle.

We took a stroll through the old town and we saw that it has many charming narrow 17th century cobble streets filled with antiques and elegant shops , trendy cafes, patisseries and restaurants .


Wazzemes market is one one of the best known and most popular markets in Lille. We went to the market and bought fresh fish, olives and vegetables . Being Greek myself I appreciate and enjoy a taste of a good and authentic of food but this time I did experience it in French style.


Lille offers an alternative experience and is the perfect place to travel.

A brief note about the Digital Marketing Toolkit event presented by Ned Potter

UKeIG workshops are a great way to meet new people from different libraries and sectors, and they offer opportunities for networking and for sharing thoughts and ideas.


In my library we are concerned that we are not sufficiently maximising the potential of emerging technologies. The main drive for attending the course was to find out what new technologies we could use to inspire, engage, inform and educate our users.

So on 26 March 2014 I attended a workshop presented by Ned Potter, a librarian at the University of York and author of the Library Marketing Toolkit (which I have read and have found it to be helpful and full of useful tips!) . In the Prezzi presentation that he gave Ned identified those emerging technologies that can be useful for marketing the library, gave advice on how to use them effectively, together with tips, tricks and general best-practice for marketing online.

I have learned about some of the most interesting emerging technologies and now look forward to exploring the possibilities of a variety of free tools to engage our students.

Some key points from the presentation:

· Issuu versus pdf: Consider turning all library guides and documents into embedded online documents – they are more visually attractive

· Social media: use as a marketing tool – use the same message in multiple ways like “whispering” in people’s ears – use each platform for a reason, and systematically deliver a simple message on different platforms

· Create a video: it’s no longer expensive or technically complicated to create a video. Use 1 to 5 minute videos as a marketing tool

· QR codes: Put them at the bottom of all posters – link to details about opening times, user surveys, instructions for some of our less user-friendly subscription databases etc. etc.

· New things on the horizon

o mobile apps – library needs to go mobile!

o beacons (proximity based marketing tool which libraries could use to enrich a self-guided tour, or a special collection etc)

o aurasma “augmented reality” app

All in all, the day was very informative and allowed me to reflect on what I found enjoyable in being involved with the marketing aspects of my own work, and really got me thinking about how to revamp and revitalize our future marketing efforts. Now if only there were an app that could give me a few more hours each day to get to grips with this emerging technology!

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