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Bradford on Avon!

I’ve been very quiet for a while and didn’t post anything…..but recently, we paid a visit to historic wool town Bradford on Avon. Bradford-on-Avon is lovely – been there a few times. It’s such a charming town!


We were there for the whole day had a pleasant picnic lunch by the Kennet and Avon Canal and a delightful long walk by the river.


Along our walk, we could hear the birds chirping, spotted grey herons and enjoyed watching cyclists and the narrowboats lazily make their way along the canal.


The most exciting thing was the narrowboats.


We count 58 beautifully painted houseboats, had a cold drink in a café near the impressive 14th century Tithe barn and the day was very sunny and hot. Before we head back home we had a local beer at The Cross Guns, a great riverside pub.


We had a fascinating day and a marvelous time walking along the lovely towpath.


Bradford on Avon has to offer a lot!



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