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Upton Blues Festival 2014!

Attended Upton blues festival on Sunday 20/7/14 while celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary!!


Upton blues festival is a very popular festival, and probably one of the biggest free blues festivals around in UK.  Set in the beautiful Worcestershire riverside town of Upton upon Severn.  The festival celebrated its 13th anniversary – featured the Best of British Blues plus some from US and Netherlands too.


Bands and musicians played at pubs, bars and other venues throughout the town and down on the waterfront.  The event attracted many people and the town had such a great vibe, 100 gigs over the three days (18/7-20/7, 2014)!  Some of the bands which performed  included : Groovy Head, TroubleShooters, Doctors Order,The Real Raj, The SpikeDrivers, Henry’s Funeral Shoe.                                  


Real Raj!

We came in 2011 and had a fabulous time. It was a brilliant atmosphere!! This year was fantastic too!  We love Upton blues festival – it really is special event.

We had a fabulous time and the music was great!

Cigar box guitars

Cigar box guitars

More information can be found on the


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