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A glimpse of beautiful Dumfries and Galloway!

This Summer we explored the Dumfries and Galloway in South West of Scotland.

Threave castle

Threave castle

Scotland and its borders is a lovely region known for its gentle hills, beautiful river valleys, stunning landscape and has a natural beauty. My husband has lived and worked there as a teacher for 10 years and he wanted to return after 20years and to share with us his past memories from this area!

Garwald rivers and waterfalls

Garwald rivers and waterfalls

The South-West is home to Dumfries and Galloway, has an incredibly rich history all of its own, and areas of outstanding natural beauty, from sandy beaches and rolling hills to craggy mountains and vast forests, are home to a plethora of amazing wildlife. Our summer adventure started with our first stop at Lancaster and the visit to the Williamson Park and the Ashton Memorial, and next stop was at Carlisle castle and the museum.

St. Mary's Loch

St. Mary’s Loch

We have explored old buildings, ruins and museums, but Dumfries and Galloway also has much to offer in the great outdoors! The Grey Mare’s Tail National Nature Reserve it was an excellent day out and we enjoyed the steep climb, the walk and the picnic by the lake and we were very so happy to experience the peace and tranquility of this special place.

Grey's Mare Tail

Grey’s Mare Tail

Eskdale prehistoric trail it is an interesting historic place in the Eskdalemuir valley with many prehistoric remains. Some of the sites we visited with prehistoric significance were: Bessie’s Hill Fort, Castle O’er a spectacular fort with a great view up and down the valley, the Lupin and Girdle Stanes by the river Esk very impressive too. It is still a mystery what these stones, forts and enclosures meant to our ancestors?

Kagyu Saye-ling is a large Tibetan Buddhist monastery. The gardens and the temple is really beautiful. There is a shop and a café where we spent lots of time and met some of my husband’s friends. We also enjoyed our walk to Garwald and saw impressive waterfalls.

Kagyu Samye Ling, Eskdalemuir

Kagyu Samye Ling, Eskdalemuir

Other places which caught our attention were: Traquair House one of the Scot’s favourite haunts, St Mary’s Loch, Threave castle, MacLellan’s Castle in the town of Kirkcudbright, Heritage castle.We also have explored the spectacular landscape and discover the history of Langholm and Newcastleton Hills.

Traquair House

Traquair House

And to finally wrap up, we explored Abbotsford the historic home of Sir Walter Scott in the Socttish borders. He was the most famous poet, novelist and man of letters in Scottish literature and a keen antiquarian. His library and the collection of books about magic was really fascinating.

Abbotsford - Sir Walter's Scott house

Abbotsford – Sir Walter’s Scott house

I am glad I visited this part of bonnie land Scotland, a hidden gem of tranquil countryside and left a bit of my soul and heart there. Would go back again in a minute. Wonderful!

Heritage House

Heritage House

I hope this overview of what we have seen and experienced in Dumfries and Galloway has been a true inspiration for you and you will be able to pay a visit one day.

To say the least – It was a wonderful experience !!


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