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Matara Gardens of Wellbeing


Summer is the perfect time to discover one of the most amazing gardens near Tetbury, Gloucestershire. The Matara Gardens at Kingcote location is a spiritual unique place with beautiful grounds, gardens and buildings.


There is a Chinese-inspired cloistered garden with its pagoda, pond and waterfall, as well as many woodland and walled gardens, herb gardens and meditation spirals and trails.


We had fun exploring this magical place and every detail was precious.

Wander through woods and wildflower meadow where was awash with a variety of colourful wild flowers such as buttercups, red clover, poppies, as well as many grass varieties.

The bees and other insects were busy frantically gathered pollen and nectar from the flowers.


Then we walked further and find the wish tree, maze, ponds, sculptures and the walled garden. It’s all very picturesque and tranquil. Stepping into this beautiful garden you feel immediately a sense of calm.  It has a lovely relaxed, natural feel.

Yes it is that simple!  This garden inspired me and let my imagination and energy roam free.


It was great to explore somewhere new!


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