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Longleat Safari Park

Early September we visited Longleat and I must say it was a lovely day out. The weather was perfect too. The historic house is magnificnet and the park looks impressive but we were unable to join the tour this time.


We had a lovely cream team at the café however this was interrupted by the wasps! The boat trip was a cool experience saw the seals, hippos, and the gorilla chilling out in his personal island!


We loved our safari adventure we drove through the animal enclosures seeing lions, cheeky monkeys (watch out for the wipers and aerial), zebras, tigers, deer, camels, wolves and many more animals.

12037991_10153636029591617_1462856618240272810_n It was an amazing experience to see so many beautiful animals and every animal seem happy.


Another highlight of our trip were the maze, the meerkats, parrots, lemurs, penguins.


My son really enjoyed the deadly 60 attraction based on the BBC television show. Steve Backshall sends us on a mission to find deadly animals in the fully themed outdoor challenge arena, The animals aren’t real; we swiped a barcode at kiosks scattered around the challenge area.The game was played under a time limit and we had to complete 10 challenges. When we finished went back to Mission control and collect our own personal score certificate. We were  was pleased with our score.  The game experience has kept us fit too!


On the whole we had a lovely family day out. Longleat is a wonderful place and we promised we go again even though it is an expensive attraction but it is great for children and parents alike!


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