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The hanging step of…Theo (το μετεωρο βημα..του Τεο)!!!

Sad news ….Greek director Theo Aggelopoulos (Θεοδωρος Αγγελοπουλος 1935-2012) οne of the last of the great European filmmakers just passed away ……May he rest in peace.   He was a true artist a great loss for Greece and the cinema.
Ενα ανεκδοτο ποιημα του που εγραψε το 1982… ηταν η έναρξη συγγραφής του σεναρίου της ταινία «Ταξίδι στα Κύθηρα»,
   «Ξεχάστε με στη θάλασσα»
«Σας εύχομαι υγεία και ευτυχία αλλά δεν μπορώ να κάνω το ταξίδι σας/ Είμαι επισκέπτης/ Το κάθε τι που αγγίζω με πονάει πραγματικά/ κι έπειτα δεν μου ανήκει/ Όλο και κάποιος βρίσκεται να πει “δικό μου είναι”/ Εγώ δεν έχω τίποτε δικό μου είχα πει κάποτε με υπεροψία/ Τώρα καταλαβαίνω πως το τίποτε είναι τίποτε/ Ότι δεν έχω καν όνομα/ Και πρέπει να γυρεύω ένα κάθε τόσο/ Δώστε μου ένα μέρος να κοιτάω/ Ξεχάστε με στη θάλασσα/ Σας εύχομαι υγεία και ευτυχία».


Βραβεία [Επεξεργασία]

His work  will remain in our hearts for enternity!!


Its all about love…


Recently i have watched an amazing movie.  500 days of Summer was  a charming romantic comedy with a difference, funny, clever – and it is definetely worth watching.  The story is so realistic and touching! The acting and soundracks were brilliant.

This line describes the film perfectly ‘This is not a love story, this is a story about love’. The story is being told from a men’s point of view  Tom (Gordon Levitt) who works in a greeting cards company writing slogans.  He  believes there is a one true love for every person and when free-spirit Summer (Zoe Deschanel) joins the company as his bosses new secretary they bond over music and start a romantic relationship with the highs, the lows and the dissillusionment. I have to admit that this movie was beautiful,  and takes a refreshing look  into the  art of love  and its deceptions. The unusual thing about this film is that it doesn’t give us the normal  happy ending and cheesy scenario we get about love from other commercial films but this film is reflect reality a little more than any other romantic film.

I am sure that it will leave you with a smile on your face!

It’s raining….meatballs!


On Saturday we took our little one to the movies  and we pick  the film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs  based on a children/s book written in 1978 by Judi Barret and illustrated by Ron Barrett.  I haven’t read the book yet! but I found the film funny and witty but my husband said it wasn’t the best animated movie he had ever seen he prefered the Ice Age 3  and Madagascar.

The hero Flint Lockwood is a quirky young inventor who creates a machine that causes food to rain from the sky.

After his invention the town will never be the same again all residents become greedy and request more and more food, Spaghetti twisters….giant pancakes…meatball hail…hamburgers, hot dogs…etc. Then Flint, realises what he creates and with his friends , fight the food madness and save the town and the world!

My son Alex was laughing  and may be felt a bit overwhelmed,  but he loved the images of giant food and Steve the funny monkey.  

The moral message is : We like food and we like good food but too much junk food is bad for you….don’t be eaten by it!

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