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A brief note about the Digital Marketing Toolkit event presented by Ned Potter

UKeIG workshops are a great way to meet new people from different libraries and sectors, and they offer opportunities for networking and for sharing thoughts and ideas.


In my library we are concerned that we are not sufficiently maximising the potential of emerging technologies. The main drive for attending the course was to find out what new technologies we could use to inspire, engage, inform and educate our users.

So on 26 March 2014 I attended a workshop presented by Ned Potter, a librarian at the University of York and author of the Library Marketing Toolkit (which I have read and have found it to be helpful and full of useful tips!) . In the Prezzi presentation that he gave Ned identified those emerging technologies that can be useful for marketing the library, gave advice on how to use them effectively, together with tips, tricks and general best-practice for marketing online.

I have learned about some of the most interesting emerging technologies and now look forward to exploring the possibilities of a variety of free tools to engage our students.

Some key points from the presentation:

· Issuu versus pdf: Consider turning all library guides and documents into embedded online documents – they are more visually attractive

· Social media: use as a marketing tool – use the same message in multiple ways like “whispering” in people’s ears – use each platform for a reason, and systematically deliver a simple message on different platforms

· Create a video: it’s no longer expensive or technically complicated to create a video. Use 1 to 5 minute videos as a marketing tool

· QR codes: Put them at the bottom of all posters – link to details about opening times, user surveys, instructions for some of our less user-friendly subscription databases etc. etc.

· New things on the horizon

o mobile apps – library needs to go mobile!

o beacons (proximity based marketing tool which libraries could use to enrich a self-guided tour, or a special collection etc)

o aurasma “augmented reality” app

All in all, the day was very informative and allowed me to reflect on what I found enjoyable in being involved with the marketing aspects of my own work, and really got me thinking about how to revamp and revitalize our future marketing efforts. Now if only there were an app that could give me a few more hours each day to get to grips with this emerging technology!


Stroud farmer’s market

Today I had a lovely morning coffee at Kitsch Coffee & Wine Bar and enjoyed the Stroud Farmer’s market ….with fresh local food!


It is in the heart of Stroud,  it offers huge variety of goods, and the beautiful smells of  food reminds me of Greece.  Especially,  the good quality of local food , the nice setting and the music  entertainment is very welcoming.


Held every Saturday until 2pm and boasts around 60 stalls a week, with a significant amount of organic produce: fruit,vegetables, great selection of flowers, olives , sausages, cheese and many more.


Here are some more photos!


So it is a good place to visit more than once…


Willow crafts for Christmas!!

SAM_0810If you are interested in learning how to weave willow or make beautiful Christmas decorations for your home  you can join some of the workshops which Brewery Arts  run from time to time and offering basic techniques in creating willow decorations for your garden or home.

Recently, Norah Kennedy led a Festive Willow evening class at Brewery Arts, Cirencester on 9/12/13 which I attended.


She has demonstrated how to make circular wreaths and also how to make simple stars, angels  and wands.  I am a great admirer of willow in all its many varieties and forms and I really enjoy shaping the willow and getting the feel of it as I created all these  wonderful Christmas decorative items.


So I was able to take them home and adorn them with Christmas lights, holly or other festive decorations.

Please have a look at my festive and gorgeous items!


Happy Christmas everyone!

Paul Hogarth – “Travels with the Artist”

I went and see Paul’s Hogarth exhibition at the Wet Paint Gallery in Cirencester.


There is a collection of lithographs and drawings where  you can see his passion for travelling, his adventurous spirit and creative mind.


He  visited  Greece and many other Mediterranean countries and from  each  country  he  has  returned  with  many  drawings,  some  of  which  he  has  elaborated  into  lithographs  and  more  finished  pictures.


Paul is best loved for his architectural studies and detailed observations of everyday folk going about their daily lives and his work became familiar to millions across the globe through his collaborations with celebrated writers including Doris Lessing, Brendan Behan, Graham Greene, Robert Graves and Lawrence Durrell.


His drawings and paintings represent an important and unique record of six decades of world history across five continents. In his work topography, illustration and reportage achieve the status of fine art, as reflected in his position as a Royal Academician.


Paul lived in Cirencester his last few years of his life .


Do  go and have a look!

“Cirencester and Beyond” exhibition


I saw an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Simon Morriss “Cirencester and Beyond”.  Morriss’s work inspired by Cirencester town and its surrounding countryside.  Using a variety of media, including graphite, watercolour and acrylic his work has a strong emphasis on drawing, moving beyond the purely figurative.



There is still time to see the exhibition in the Corinium museum until today 9/11/13!


For more information about the artist go here:

Witley Court & Gardens


Last Sunday on 27/10/13 we visited the English Heritage property, Witley Court in Worcestershire.  It is an 19th Century impressive mansion with a beautiful restored fountain based on the Greek myth of Perseus and  Andromeda.  The fountain comes on every hour for 10 minutes at a time and was great to watch the water spray from it.


The Pavilion still has its original floors, while the Victorian conservatory is now home to outdoor plants and wildlife.

Witley Court is a spectacular ruin after being devastated by fire in 1937. It is haunting and melancholy but still retains its beauty.  The baroque church is a hidden treasure.


We had a long walk through woods and around the lake and Alex enjoyed the spooky Halloween trail where he had to found 8 witches and solve the clues and earned a Halloween chocolate bar.


We certainly had a very well spent autumn day out.  Witley court is a spectacular country house and an interesting place indeed.



Shunga: sex and pleasure in Japanese Art

Glad to see the Shunga exhibition at the British Museum 18th of October 2013.


The term “Shunga” means “spring pictures”. The reference is to erotic art that flourished at a time when the population of Tokyo grew constantly, and contact with the western was forbidden.

One hundred and seventy works of erotic art from Japan presented at the British Museum from October 3rd  – 5 January 2014 , and the exhibition includes paintings, drawing and illustrations of books.  The artwork covers 300 years of Japanese art [ 1600-1900 ] , which was taboo during most of the 20th century.

It is a kind of art that were inspired subsequent works by Toulouse Lautrec , Rodin, Picasso and many others.

The pillow poem , Utamaro ,1788

The pillow poem , Utamaro ,1788

Most of the pictures celebrate sexual pleasure in all its forms  in brilliantly coloured paintings and prints, illustrations are shocking but tender, beautiful and humorous .

Parga holidays!!

It is always a great pleasure and a privilege to visit my country.  After so many years 13yrs I returned to Parga and found it even more beautiful …


Greece has got so many hidden and unique treasures, and I always realize that I need more time to travel around and explore more the mainland or the islands.


Have just returned from a two week holiday in Parga Greece.


We stayed in the Angelica studios owned by Spiros and Thaleia (room 15). The room was basic, spacious and clean with linen and towels changed more frequently than stated! (a very Big and special Thanks to efficient Eleni ) . The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful and made us feel very welcome. I have to thank you for my cold Mythos, my frappe, ouzo and the extra snacks and drinks!

All the restaurants really good only few I can mention ( Dokos, Perivoli, Taverna Stefanos, Apagkio, Don Camillo, Ouzeri Stefanos etc .


Alex couldn’t resist eating carbonara nearly everyday and enjoy Yupiyo Greek frozen yougurt!


The walk to town in the evening for meals was a pleasure and walking back under the stars and to the sound of crickets was even better.
The pool is AMAZING clean and very well kept by Giorgos a very friendly and nice guy.

Took a boat trip to Paxos , Antipaxos and the Blue caves had a great time in the Acheron Springs (known as the River Styx), a beautiful gorge where we walked and swam in the freezing water!


We also visited pretty Syvota and some beautiful beaches in between.


We saw Nikopolis an important ancient Roman city and the museum. It was an interesting experience!



We had a fab holiday, really relaxing and couldn’t really fault it…one more bonus was that Alex and I we spoke the greek language.


Antiques Roadshow filming day at Royal Agricultural University


I am one of the fans who love the Antiques Roadshow .   On 13th June 2013 Fiona Bruce and the Antiques Roadshow team filmed in the grounds of the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) in Cirencester.


It was a nice opportunity to see our beautiful town to be on the spot as well as our University.  As an employee at RAU I felt very proud to be able to be part of this event and had the chance to see behind the scenes.


Around 2,500 visitors turned up despite the bad weather, and some of Britain’s leading antiques and fine arts specialists offered free advice and valuations to visitors for their collectibles and antiques.


My colleague was able to show two of her oriental objects, and said the story behind them in a very interesting and amusing way.  It was fascinating to watch the whole filming process and witnessed something like that.  I was very impressed by the crew and how well co-ordinated and friendly they were.  I am looking forward to see the final programme which will be shown on BBC One sometime in autumn.


It was well- worth waiting to see the Antiques Roadshow and it was truly a memorable day!

Tall Ships Festival 2013 Gloucester Quay

On May Bank holiday weekend (25th – 28th), we visited the Gloucester Tall Ships Festival at Gloucester Quays.


Five impressive tall ships attended the festival this year and they were: Phoenix, Amazon, Belle Angele, Ruth and Matthew. The Matthew, a particularly beautiful ship is a replica of John Cabot’s ship that sailed from Bristol to Newfoundland in 1497.


The Phoenix, that started as a schooner, was converted to a brigantine, then to a caravel, and finally back to a brigantine.


The Ruth has a less flashy past. She carried ceramic pots for a Swedish company, and was then used for transporting unwanted fish to auction in Gothenburg


The festival is held every two years and offers a range of on and off water activities canoeing, kayaking  lessons, including live music with local bands


various street performers, historical re-enactments,  food and craft stalls, boat trips and family entertainment.



Alex had a go on the climbing wall and he didn’t seem to be scared of the heights!


A great family day out and a spectacular weekend. We had also the opportunity to visit the folk museum and found out about the pin factory and had a lovely afternoon tea!

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