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An amazing trip to Lille (Rijsel) in France!

Every Easter we travell somewhere. This time we decided to visit Lille in north of France where my husband’s brother live. We reached Lille in just one hour from London on the Eurostar (my son and us were really excited), so it is really accessible for another getaway trip perhaps.


Lille (or Rijsel in Dutch) is a beautiful European city with a rich history. Lille is situated on the Deûle River, near France’s border with Belgium. It looks picturesque and the architecture is stunning. I know very little about France and I’m glad I came to visit Lille and learn a bit more about. My wish is to visit many more European cities like Copenhagen, Budapest, Brussels, Croatia and many others.


We visited also one of the best places in Lille the Citadel.


The Citadel is a huge park built in the shape of a pentagon and it’s surrounded by a moat. The weather was lovely we had a very relaxing spring walk and we absolutely loved the area around the Citadelle.

We took a stroll through the old town and we saw that it has many charming narrow 17th century cobble streets filled with antiques and elegant shops , trendy cafes, patisseries and restaurants .


Wazzemes market is one one of the best known and most popular markets in Lille. We went to the market and bought fresh fish, olives and vegetables . Being Greek myself I appreciate and enjoy a taste of a good and authentic of food but this time I did experience it in French style.


Lille offers an alternative experience and is the perfect place to travel.


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