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Eastnor Castle and Ledbury

I am fortunate enough to have seen few fascinating castles until I started living in UK.


Eastnor castle in Herefordshire is another one which we have explored and I have to put it on my “done” list. It is a mock castle, built between 1812-24 and remains the home of the Hervey-Bathurst family. The interior of the stately home has magnificent collections of armour, Italian furniture, Flemish tapestries, paintings, lots of old books, antiques and a chapel.


The setting of the castle is amazing surrounded by a lush arboretum, beautiful grounds and lake.


Eastnor castle organizes often exciting events and activities for all ages. So if you want to take a peek here is

My son had fun in the adventure playground , and all we loved the lakeside and woodland walk and our picnic.


On the way back we stopped in Ledbury, an attractive market town with narrow cobbled streets and lots of timber-framed buildings, quaint-looking little shops and pubs. We wandered around a bit and we went to see the amazing 16th century painted room in the Registry office. Remarkable fresco paintings were found under layers of plaster in 1989, which show Tudor knot gardens and fruit full of vibrant colours and contain also biblical texts and proverbs.



One of the texts says

“That in his heart regardeth not, malicious, wicked men: but those that love and fear the Lord”


I do love castles they look so mysterious and impressive….still to see more and enjoy.


Marc Chagall exhibition in Cirencester!

Wetpaint Gallery in Cirencester is holding an exhibition of original lithographs of Marc Chagall from 8 Sept 2012 – 6 Oct 2012. Marc Chagall a Russian born painter is one of the 20th century’s best loved artists and one of the great masters of the School of Paris whom was also praised as an influence on surrealism.
I love his intense colours and the beautiful drawing.

I remember years ago I was very happy to see another beautiful exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation Andros, Greece. The Museum of Modern Art presented its first thematic exhibition, entitled The Mediterranean Chagall: a ‘triptych’ (the Holy Land – Greece – the Cote d’Azur) (26/6/1994 – 18/9/1994) which, through the works of the artist (oil paintings, water-colours, gouaches, pastels, drawings, prints as well as some maquettes of well-known stained glass pieces and mosaics) had as its objective an examination of his relationship with the Mediterranean.

I was so pleased to see again Chagall’s paintings both in my country and of my country!
Anyway, if you are interested in his work at all, this exhibition is a must-see.

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